Swimjunkie Challenge: Caramoan

July 28th
Camarines Sur
5k & 10k Island Hop, 10k Marathon Swim
Ocean Swims

Aboutthe swim

Caramoan is an original destination of the Survivor TV Series. Selected for its isolation, raw beauty, and stunning blue waters, it now plays host to “the poster boy of island hop swims”.

Located in Camarines Sur, the Caramoan swim features 10K and 5K island hop swims. You literally swim from beach to beach (there are four) for hydration and nutrition, over three coral fields. We also have a 10K Marathon Swim where hydration is done in the water (no island stops). The swim is protected on all sides by islands and karst formations.

The local government of Camarines Sur co-presents the event and throws its full support behind the race. We enjoy the support of multiple emergency and rescue agencies and personnel. Race central is at Gota Village Resort, for years almost exclusively used by the International Survivor TV’s participants and crew.