Swimjunkie Challenge: VIP Lobo

Swim to protect the biodiversity of one of the most incredible ecosystems on the planet

June 9th
Verde Island Passage, Lobo
2.5km, 5km
Ocean Swims

Aboutthe swim

The VIP LOBO swim kicks off the Swimjunkie Challenge race season with a call to action to protect the waters we swim in. Particularly places like the Verde Island Passage (VIP): the world’s center of marine shorefish biodiversity. Hundreds of new species of marine life have been found in its waters in just the last three years.

As a simple, laid back provincial town, Lobo is constantly under pressure to give in to large-scale operations such as mining and coal-processing. Keenly aware of its role as a steward of the VIP, the small municipality does its best to develop its sports and eco-tourism efforts.

Known as a divers secret getaway, Lobo is not a typical holiday destination. No sandy beaches here but its pebble shoreline, stretching for over 3 kilometers, gives the water its distinctly clear quality. The swim loop is an out and back, crossing over a section of the Malabrigo Marine Sanctuary.

So by swimming in this incredible race, in one of the most beautiful and untouched places in the world, you will also be helping to preserve it.

A swim well worth the trip and well worth doing!