The Roermond City Swim is an incredible opportunity to swim along the Maas and Roer rivers in a historic city centre. The race is hosted in downtown Roermond located in the southeastern part of the Netherlands and boasts a unique swim through the centre of town.At this family friendly event, both children and adults have three race options to choose from. There is a 500 meter swim, a 1000 meter swim, and a 2000 meter swim. All races start at the Roerkade and work their way downstream in the Maas river first and then the 1000 meter swim and 2000 meter swim continue on in the Roer. The 500 meter competition stays in the Maas river for the duration of the swim.

Interestingly, for participants competing in the longer distances, there is said to be a temperature difference between the two rivers which provides a unique challenge for the race options that span both rivers. The races start with a downstream swim and finish upstream adding another challenge that swimmers will have to contend with. It’s worthwhile though, as this race happens in two of the cleanest rivers in all of Europe!Thanks to a massive effort on behalf of the entire community including local businesses, provincial organizations, and the Dutch District Water Board, the rivers have benefited from a collaborative clean up effort that has resulted in a much healthier ecosystem.

The focus of the Roermond City Swim is the fundraising efforts for two local charities. Swimmers who participate must raise a minimum of €100 if they’re over 16 years of age and a minimum of €50 if they’re under 16 years of age. The two charities are Toon Hermans Huis Roermond and Stichting STOPhersentumoren. The first offers support for cancer patients and their loved ones and the second provides funding for vital cancer research. Participants often exceed the minimum fundraising amounts for these amazing causes.

To celebrate the success of the race and to thank those who have cheered on these amazing swimmers, everyone is invited to join the after party that takes place on the Roerkade. Roads are closed for this event so be sure to check for the best areas to park near by.

Whether you participate as part of a relay or on your own, this recent addition to the open water swimming calendar in Europe is well worth the trip. Check out the incredible swims at this year’s 2018 competition here.

For more information about the race and how to get involved check out the GSS swim page.


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