June 23rd
1.8km, 3.2km
Lake Swim

Aboutthe swim

SWIMTHEISLAND – Sirmione, is truly an incredible race. If you thought that there couldn’t be another race as spectacular as SWIMTHEISLAND – Bergeggi, you’d be wrong. Sirmione is just as amazing. Not only do swim around another beautiful island, but you also swim by the ruins of a 2,000 year old Roman villa and an Italian castle from the middle ages! This is, of course, all set on a picturesque freshwater lake in the heart of the majestic and rugged mountains of northern Italy. Words fail to describe the beauty.

Then there is the actual event. The race is hosted by the same world-class sports management company that run Bergeggi, which speaks very well of it. Warm, crystal clear, fresh water in central Italy. It doesn’t get much more beautiful than that. The race has only been running since 2016, but is already an instant classic and draws swimmers from all over Europe. As the word gets out, we are sure it will also draw swimmers from all over the world.

Spectacular scenery, world-class events, beautiful swimming… this is one of those races that you should have on your bucket list… and then come and swim it and cross it off!