The Bays Swim

November 25th
New Zealand
Ocean Swim

Aboutthe swim

Now the distance steps up a notch in the Auckland Harbour Swim Series! The water is warmer and there are lots of viewing points along the way for friends and family watch you battle the elements. Unlike some previous years, the start and finish is now at St Heliers, as shown on the map below.

The event will double as the NZ Masters Swimming Open Water Championship too! So you can win that title and then go on and swim in the GSS – Pacific Championship… and hopefully qualify for the GSS – Global Championship as well! Remember that the points that you earn in any GSS race are equally balanced between speed and participation… meaning that of the 100 possible points, you automatically get 50 points just for completing the race, and up to another 50 points based on your speed and placing! The more GSS points you accumulate, the higher your Global Ranking… and the better your odds of qualifying for the Global Championship! So feel free to swim in all of the GSS races in New Zealand… and then book a holiday to any of the dozens of other GSS races around the world and improve your Global Ranking!

Or if your holiday is to come to New Zealand to swim the Bays Swim or any of the other GSS races here, then feel free to enjoy all of the amazing outdoor activities there are to do in New Zealand. It’ll be quite an adventure!