The Hodson Mile

Swim to the legendary pillar at the geographic center of Ireland!

July 20th
1 Mile
Lake Swim

Aboutthe swim

The Hodson Mile swim, GSS’s 2nd member event in Ireland, will be run from the spectacular grounds of the Hodson Bay Hotel on the tranquil shore of Lough Ree on the mighty Shannon River. Take the challenge to swim a mile (or a shorter 750m course) at the reputed geographical centre of Ireland. Standing proud on a tiny Island off shore and within view of every swimmer as you complete your mile challenge is the ‘Hodson Pillar’ the legendary centre of Ireland. Like several other Irish loughs including some of the other venues which are steeped in folklore , Lough Ree has been the scene of many sightings of lake monsters so be warned. Whether you choose our 750m course or the Hodson Mile challenge this is an event which will live on in your own story telling, with either a possible sighting of a winged lake serpent or the unique opportunity to have swam in the centre of Ireland or more importantly having completed your swim goal for 2015.