The 2016 schedule now has 3 Australian races to get the next season started. The iconic “Karma Resorts – Rottnest Channel Swim” has officially joined the Global Swim Series!

The Rottnest Channel Swim is in its 26th year and is one of the largest, longest and most beautiful swims in the world. The race is located in Perth, Australia and goes point-to-point from Cottsloe Beach to Rottnest Island, 19.7 km’s away.

The race is done as a solo, duo or team relay, with strict qualifications for the swim. However, it is so popular that it is limited only by the number of boats to escort swimmers at 900. And it always sells out quickly.

This year however, things have changed. The race organizers have added a second race for elite swimmers. They will be introducing another race to the Global Swim Series the day after the Rottnest Channel Swim. It will be the “Champions of The Channel”, essentially the same race, but for an elite division of very fast swimmers, who will have even faster qualification times than the race the day before.

This will be a special year for swimmers in Australia and for the many international swimmers who will be making the trip to Perth for these two spectacular races. This will strengthen up the schedule in the brand new GSS Australia division and help us with our goal of making the 2016 season even bigger and better than this year.

We are excited to have the “Karma Resorts Rottnest Channel Swim” and the “Champions of The Channel” as part of the family of races in the Global Swim Series.



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