With so many exciting open water options to choose from, finding the perfect “swimcation” can be tricky.  With its spectacular beaches, well-organized swims and unparalleled relaxing atmosphere, the Ocean Swim Fiji has got to be at the top of any swimmer’s list.

Now in its 2nd year the Ocean Swim Fiji takes place, as the name suggests, in the tropical island paradise of Fiji.  This world-class event offers swimmers an immersive experience that incredible swims, cultural encounters and classic Fijian hospitality.

MALAMALA ISLAND, FIJI – September 16: Ocean Swim Fiji 2018: September 16, 2018 in Malamala Island, Mamanuca Islands, Nadi, Fiji. (Photo by Mark Tantrum/ http://marktantrum.com)

The trip takes place over 5 days and offers three spectacular swims, each on their own unique venue.  This year Olympic legend Shane Gould will serve as special guest.  The itinerary is a stacked lineup with swims at Tivua Island, Natadola Beach and Malamala Beach.  In addition to the swims there are also plenty of fun activities to take part in over the course of the trip.

TIVUA ISLAND, FIJI – September 14: Ocean Swim Fiji 2018: September 14, 2018 in Tivua Island, Fiji. (Photo by Mark Tantrum/ http://marktantrum.com)

Not sure how best to travel to Fiji?  Not to worry, the race organizers have you covered.  There is a full travel team that offers flexible, all-inclusive travel options that can be catered specifically to what works for you.

Additionally, the all-inclusive package, really does have everything covered.  From return flights, accommodations and event entry to transportation and food and beverages, the team at Ocean Swim Fiji has you covered.

With only 50 spots remaining, time is running out to signup for 2019.  Join swimmers from around the world for the swimcation of a lifetime at Ocean Swim Fiji!